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Real Estate Stats for CALEDONIA, as of Feb 2019. What can we determine?
  • The largest segment is the $300k-$500k price range with 44 Active Listings.
  • The most competitive is the $150k - $200k price range with just 0.55 months (16 days) of Inventory! That's an Average of 8 Days on market!
  • Both Unit Sales and Median Pricing are up suggesting that this is a popular market.
  • If you have a house in the $200k-$300k price range - it will sell quick in today's market!!

Financial Freedom through Downsizing


Ever feel burdened by your mortgage payment and paying for all the toys you have?  Maybe it's time to rethink your work/life balance and reduce your payments so that you can enjoy some of the finer things in life, like that special vacation with the family, more weekends away with the kids or just more time to relax at home.  Maybe it will also lead to an earlier retirement, through paying down your smaller mortgage faster and enjoying some time to relax in the next phase of your life.

The following article focuses on buying a tiny house for retirement and how to plan for that now.  I would like to take that a step further and ask yourself to think of what is necessary in a home right now, for you to have a good standard of living?  Do you need 4000sqft of home to be happy?  Personally, being a family of 4, I think 2000sqft is sufficient.  Some can get by with less.  Sure I would like a sun room, office and a third car garage, but do I really NEED that and how would I feel with a larger mortgage payment hanging over me for the next 30 years?  In fact, I have zero mortgage on my home right now and I want to keep it that way, by not being greedy and being satisfied with what I have.  Read on and plan ahead!

How a Tiny House can help you retire early.

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